If you are using NocoDB with version 0.90 onwards, please check out the latest documentation here instead. The documentation for previous versions is no longer maintained and will be completely removed on 30 Jun 2022. See v0.90 Important Announcement for more.

Setup your first super admin

Once you have started NocoDB, you can visit the dashboard via example.com/dashboard.

Click Let's Begin button to sign up.

Enter your work email and your password.

Your password has at least 8 letters with one uppercase, one number and one special letter

If you start your application without specifying NC_DB. A local SQLite will be created in root folder. Your data will be stored there.

If you are using Docker, it is recommended to mount /usr/app/data/ for persistent volume (since v0.10.6), otherwise your data will be lost after recreating the container.


docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name nocodb -v /local/path:/usr/app/data/ nocodb/nocodb:latest

Initialize your first project

Once you have logged into NocoDB, you should see My Projects.


To create a project, you can click New Project.

Creating empty project

Click Create, you need to specify the project name and API type. A local SQLite will be used.

Connecting to external database

Click Create By Connecting To An external Datbase, you need to specify the project name, API type, and other database parameters.


Currently it supports MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL and SQLite.


You can also configure associated SSL & advanced parameters.


Click Test Database Connection to see if the connection can be established or not.

NocoDB create's a new empty database with specified parameters, if the database doesn't exist.

Creating project from Excel

Click Create Project from Excel, you can either upload/ drag and drop Excel file (OR) specify Excel file URL

Supported file formats

  • Xls
  • Xlsx
  • Xlsm
  • Ods
  • Ots

A local SQLite will be used.