If you are using NocoDB with version 0.90 onwards, please check out the latest documentation here instead. The documentation for previous versions is no longer maintained and will be completely removed on 30 Jun 2022. See v0.90 Important Announcement for more.

To go to the Meta Management Portal, click Project Metadata under Settings on the leftmost menu.


Project Metadata

The metadata is stored in meta directory in project level, database level, and API level.

Under Project Metadata, you can perform the following operations.

  • Export all metadata from the meta tables to meta directory

  • Import all metadata from the meta directory to meta tables

  • Export project meta to zip file and download

  • Import project meta zip file and restart

  • Clear all metadata from meta tables

Import won't work with zip files exported from the older version of apps (< 0.11.6).
Import / Export will only transfer metadata and files related to the project and not any table data in the project.

Migration example

Export metadata

Source project : Under Meta Management tab, select Export zip, click Submit. This step extracts project metadata and stores it in compressed (zip) format


Import metadata

Destination project : Under Meta Management tab, select Import zip, select file stored in previous step. This step imports project metadata from compressed file (zip) selected and restarts project.


Database Metadata

Under DB Metadata, You can manage your models. For example, if you do not want to expose some APIs, you can untick those under APIs here.


The relations of all tables are listed under Relations.


UI Access Control

You can control the access to each table and relation by roles.