Primary value

If you are using NocoDB with version 0.90 onwards, please check out the latest documentation here instead. The documentation for previous versions is no longer maintained and will be completely removed on 30 Jun 2022. See v0.90 Important Announcement for more.

What is a 'Primary value' ?

  • Primary value as the name stands is the primary or main value within a row of a table that you generally associate that row with.
  • It should be usually associated with a column which is uniquely identifiable. However, this uniqueness is not enforced at the database level.

What is the use of 'Primary value' ?

  • Within a spreadsheet, primary value are always highlighted so that it is easier to recognise what row we are in.
  • And when LinkToAnotherRecord is created between two tables - it is the primary value that appears in LinkToAnotheRecord column.

Example : Primary valuehighlighted in actor table


Example : Primary value highlighted in film table


Example : Primary value associated when LinkToAnotherRecord is created


How is Primary value identfied for existing database tables ?

  • It is usually the first column after the primary key which is not a number.
  • If there is no column which is not a number then the column adjacent to primary key is chosen.

Can I change the Primary Value to another column within tables ?

  • Yes, you can. Hover over column which you want as primary column and click Set as Primary Value